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Monday, May 7, 2012

aku kaya. jangan jeles.

aku dapat email.

aku baca.


aku kaya!!!

Promotional Manager
HSBC Bank plc 
8 Canada Square London,E14 5HQ 
Telephone:             +44 (0)20 7991 8888      
Hotline:             +447024013366      

Attn:Email User,

Kindly confirm and get back to us as soon as possible.
We received a confirmation email from MR Effendy Haripen that your email address which won you a prize in our 2012 Global Uplift Program Organized by 
MYMESRA PETRONAS AND HSBC BANK LONDON was his alternative email.

The Runner Up Winners list has been released and all Winners will receive sms comfirmation and handling of there Winning Package.
Runner Up Winners can check there names on mymesra website:

Your First Batch Winning package contains:

1. MESRA Visa Credit Card Valued (250,000 Malaysia Ringgit) Issued by HSBC BANK.
2. HSBC BANK Winning Certificate.
3. HSBC Rumble Kit.

We are pleased to inform you that Mr Effendy is in the process of providing us with delivery details and informations to enable us process and get Your Winning Package 
delivere to his location in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.

Meanwhile we are in the final process of programing his details on our computing database of First Batch winners list,to be published and send to Petronas Malaysia 
and also we will be crediting the amount of RM250,000.00 to Visa Credit Card along with other package.

On a matter of urgency and final clearification we are sending you an email to confirm truly the email is Mr Effendi Alternative email address before we proceed on the information 
he provided.

Your are to contact your Regional representative immediately for further Enquiries or any changes in Processing of your Winning Package.

Mr Bridge Christian 
Hotline:             +447024013366      
Office Phone:            +44-7031892531      
Fax: +44-7031892222 .

Please quote this Winning codes (CODE :HSBC/CBN3124-FILE111-MY) when contact representative in your region.

Promotional Manager
HSBC Bank plc 
London:8 Canada Square London 
E14 5HQ 
Telephone:             +44 (0)20 7991 8888      
Office Phone:            +44-7031892531      
Claire Lloyd Properties
15 Temple Street
Bucks, HP20 2RN, UK
Tel:             +44 (0) 1296431555      
Fax: +44 (0) 1296486066

Registered Address
45 Buckingham Street
HP20 2NQ, UK
Registered Business No.- 05723015
VAT Registered No. - 885 4631 86

Unless otherwise stated all fees/prices quoted in this email are exclusive of VAT. Fees/prices quoted are subject to occasional review without notice. This email may contain confidential information. It is for the intended recipient only and if an addressing or transmission error has misdirected this email, please notify the author by telephone or by response to this email and then delete the information from your computer system. While attachments are virus checked, Claire Lloyd Properties do not accept any liability in respect of any virus which is not detected. Claire Lloyd Properties (CLP) is the trading name of Claire Lloyd Properties Limited. CLP only accept response to service of notices by email to: or by post to: 15 Temple St Aylesbury Bucks HP20 2RN.

nak menipu pun agak2 la...

p/s: mintak2 tahun depan dapat anugerah tokoh industri sukan.

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